When family medicine or internal medicine doctors get sick or have a medical condition that makes it difficult to work, they still do not stop working. They show up at their office every day regardless of how they feel. They spent years in medical school and their residency and enjoy their work.

This is used against them when they finally do decide they need to stop. The disability insurance company asks, “What changed? Why can you not work now?” Watch this video to learn more.

  • Strong medical documentation is required in order for a disability claim to be approved.
  • Most disability claimants attempt to work through chronic medical conditions and then the insurance uses this against them.
  • How can a disability insurance company tell a doctor that they are not disabled?

At Dell Disability Lawyers, our ultimate goal is for you to get your claim for LTD benefits approved. You paid the premiums, so you should be getting the disability benefits when you need them when you are unable to do your job.

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