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Massachusetts Disability Attorney filed lawsuit against the Aetna Life Insurance Company on behalf of Biogen Idec, Inc’s IT Technical Ops Lead for denial long term disability benefits

In the disability lawsuit of Joseph Mcdonough Vs Aetna Life Insurance Company, HM Life Insurance Company, Biogen Idec, Inc. & Biogen Idec., Inc., Group

Disability Blog & Cases:
Oregon Judge orders Standard Insurance Company to pay disability insurance benefits beyond the 24 month mental disorder limitation

In James F. Kitterman Vs Standard Insurance Company and Standard Select Trust Insurance Plans, the plaintiff, through his Oregon disability attorney, brought an ERISA action against the Standard Insurance Company (Standard) seeking

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Office medical specialist suffering with fibromyalgia and CFS hires Arizona Disability Attorney to sue CIGNA for denial of disability benefits

Anita Barajas has taken her disability claim to the United States District Court of Arizona in an attempt to force University Physicians, Inc. (“UPI”), CIGNA Group Insurance, and Life Insurance Company

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20 years of receiving disability insurance benefits and CIGNA denies woman’s benefits three separate times

A federal lawsuit recently filed in Pennsylvania against Cigna Insurance Company portrays a woman’s 21 year on and off battle with Cigna in order to maintain her long term disability benefits. When dealing with disability insurance

Resolved Cases:
Standard Insurance Company reverses disability insurance denial for a disabled lawyer

Disability Insurance Lawyers Dell & Schaefer prevailed in an ERISA appeal filed on behalf of their client when The Standard Insurance Company wrongfully denied her long term disability benefits. The client was suffering multiple gastro-intestinal conditions, chronic intractable abdominal pain, visceral hypersensitivity syndrome, nausea,

Disability Insurance Law TV:
Who makes the final decison to approve or deny disability insurance benefits?

Is it the disability insurance claim representative or hired insurance company doctor that makes the decisional to approve or deny benefits?

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Can Veteran Disability Benefits be deducted from my monthly long term disability insurance check?