Though you may think that being approved for long term disability benefits is the end of the race, disability insurers like Northwestern Mutual handle their benefit claims on a month-to-month basis – which means that disability claimants must prove that they are entitled to continue receiving benefits each month. Below, we’ll explain more about what we’ve learned after handling thousands of Northwestern Mutual disability insurance claims and what claimants can do to keep their monthly disability income benefits on track.
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Northwestern Mutual sells many different types of disability insurance policies and you must review your own specific policy carefully to determine the definition of disability and what documentation is required. As a general overview of tips for having your claim approved, you must:

  • Present strong medical evidence of your disabling condition.
  • Explain how the disabling condition makes it impossible for you to do your own job for the first 24 months, and after that time, show how it prevents you from doing any job for which you are otherwise qualified.
  • Submit your claim for disability benefits within the time limits established by Northwestern Mutual.
  • Be prepared for Northwestern’s disability insurance interview.

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Northwestern Mutual is often at the top of lists of quality long term disability insurance carriers and was recently given an AA+ rating by S&P—the highest possible financial strength rating in the U.S. market. But this financial strength can be a double-edged sword for disability insurance claimants. At Dell & Schaefer, we’ve learned that when it comes time to file a disability lawsuit against Northwestern Mutual, claimants can expect a fight. Northwestern tends to dig in and mount a vigorous defense to a disability claim, and claimants who aren’t prepared for this process can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. From requests for records and financial documentation to secret video surveillance, learn more about the expectations long term disability claimants should have when preparing to sue Northwestern Mutual. 
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Disability Blog & Cases:
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When you apply for a disability policy, it is very important to answer all questions as truthfully as you can. The courts generally will not render a summary judgment in favor of the disability insurance company if the company can’t prove that you answered a question with the intent to defraud.
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