Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide

This Colorado Police officer with chronic knee pains was initially approved for long term disability benefits by Reliance Standard. After paying for approximately 24 months the definition of disability changed and Reliance Standard decided this was the time to deny long term disability benefits.Continue Reading Reliance Standard Disability Appeal Success Story for a Colorado Police Officer

Our client, a registered nurse employed by Memorial Health System was paid long term disability benefits for two years before NY LIFE denied her disability benefits. New York Life relied on a hired gun IME doctor to deny long term disability benefits.Continue Reading Registered Nurse with Hand and Back Issues Wins New York Life LTD Appeal

Sedgwick is a third party disability benefits claim administrator for companies that have self funded disability plans. Sedgwick can be very difficult to deal with as they handle claims on a contract basis and tend to have a lot of turnover with their disability claims handlers.Continue Reading JP Morgan Chase IT Manager with Shoulder Disorder & Bipolar Wins Sedgwick Disability Appeal

This is another great long term disability appeal victory by Dell Disability Lawyers. In this Mutual of Omaha disability insurance benefit denial our client contacted us after he was denied long term disability. Mutual of Omaha approved his short term disability claim and Social Security disability benefits were approved, but then long term disability division of Mutual Omaha never paid benefits from the inception.Continue Reading SSDI Approval and Mutual of Omaha Still Denied Disability Insurance Benefits for an IT Service Desk Engineer

This was a great long term disability appeal victory against Reliance Standard on behalf of a LA police department officer suffering with COPD and a back disorder. Reliance Standard relied on their own nurse to deny disability benefits.Continue Reading LA Police Officer with COPD Wins Reliance Standard Long Term Disability Insurance Appeal

Filing an application for long term disability is the most important part of any disability claim. In this disability insurance claim, our client was an Orthopedic Surgeon and when he first called us he was not sure if he had a long term disability claim that could get approved.Continue Reading Orthopedic Surgeon Approved for Long Term Disability Benefits by Guardian and Berkshire

We discuss how we assisted a claimant that was denied long term disability benefits by Principal. We also provide some tips on what could have been done differently to prevent a Principal disability denial. This lawsuit against Principal was resolved with a confidential settlement.Continue Reading Principal Denies Disability Benefits to Software Engineer with Non 24 Sleep Disorder