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Sun Life Disability provides group long term disability policies to U.S.-based customers – and, like just about all disability insurance carriers, denies a fair number of claims for benefits. But because Sun Life isn’t necessarily one of the biggest names in disability insurance, claimants who are seeking (or considering seeking) benefits from Sun Life may feel like they’re in the dark. Is Sun Life a fair company to deal with? What do they look for when approving or denying a claim? Learn more about what can happen if Sun Life denies your claim for disability benefits, as well as how you can appeal this disability denial or even file a lawsuit.

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At Dell & Schaefer, we’ve seen our share of disability insurance claim denial letters from Guardian Disability Insurance Company. Read on or watch the video to learn more about what’s involved in filing a lawsuit against Guardian and what claimants should be able to expect from the process. Elsewhere, we’ve talked about Guardian Disability generally and about the ERISA appeals process against this agency, but this transcript will exclusively discuss what it’s like to litigate a claim against Guardian Disability in court.

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Mass Mutual Insurance Company isn’t one of the big names in disability coverage, even though it does offer individual and group long-term disability policies. If you’ve been injured and are unable to work, Mass Mutual will pay you disability benefits according to the terms of your disability policy—but this coverage often doesn’t come without some hiccups, and benefit denials are common. What should claimants know about appealing the denial of a Mass Mutual disability benefit claim, including an ERISA lawsuit?

GREGORY DELL: Hi, I’m attorney Gregory Dell here with attorney Cesar Gavidia. And we are going to talk to you about private disability insurance lawsuits against Mass Mutual Insurance Company. And Cesar, the reason I said that they’re private disability suits is, at least from 99% of the cases we’ve seen is that the people who are buying these, Mass Mutual, long-term disability insurance policies have bought them from an agent. And basically, what that is that makes it a private contract. And that contract says that if you’re unable to work or whatever the definition of disability is, then Mass Mutual will pay you disability benefits.

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Over the years, our disability insurance attorneys have reviewed thousands of disability insurance denial-of-coverage letters from Reliance Standard. Simply put, Reliance Standard makes it difficult for their policy holders to receive their disability insurance benefits. But disability claimants have the right to appeal a denial of coverage, and it’s possible to win these claims. Learn more about the litigation process and your options after a claim denial.

What to Know About the Reliance Disability Insurance Lawsuit Process

A group disability policy provided by your employer (like many Reliance Standard policies) is governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). ERISA requires insurance companies to offer certain types of policies, expanding the options available to employees; however, this comes at the cost of certain litigation rights.

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The answer to this question varies because every Hartford appeal that we prepare for our clients are custom. Through our review of thousands of Hartford claim denials we know exactly what they require in order to give our clients the best chance to have a claim denial reversed. Almost every Hartford disability denial is governed by the Employee Retirement Income Act (ERISA). ERISA is a horrible law and in the videos below you can learn more about why ERISA is unfair for claimants and a pro insurance company law. 

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We have just launched new pages on our website discussing disability claims with Hartford.

The Hartford Disability Lawsuit
Hartford – Aetna Lawsuit & Denial Tips. What to do after you have been denied disability benefits.
What Should You Expect When Filing A Hartford Disability Lawsuit?

The Hartford Disability Appeal
Over and over our disability

Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has represented policy holders when the disability insurance company denies a claimant benefits who has been on claim for many years. Insurance companies often deny claims even when the policy holders claim file is absent any evidence that there’s been any improvement in their condition.

GREG DELL: Hi, I’m Greg Dell, here with attorney Victor Peña. And, Victor, you brought a case to my attention that just came out recently out of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit, which covers cases out of Massachusetts. I’m always intrigued by the cases where the disability insurance company denies a claimant that had previously been on claim for nine years and the thought process to say, outside of some video or some doctor saying the claimant’s better, did they find the cure to this person’s disease or did they just get that much better after nine years at their back?

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UNUM is a large insurance company that provides insurance for workers through their employers. However, when it comes to paying disability claims for long-term diseases such as fibromyalgia, the insurance giant consistently denies claims, especially for those who go on short-term disability and start working again. Two issues lead to disability insurance claim denial. If UNUM denied a claim you filed for long-term disability, contact a disability insurance attorney as soon as possible.

Denied Disability Claim

In the present case, a 59-year-old woman worked at an Air Force base for 33 years. Her job required her to lift, climb and carry. During the last 15-plus years of her tenure, she suffered from fibromyalgia. The woman went on short-term disability for fibromyalgia several years ago. Her doctors recommended that she go on long-term disability, but instead, she went back to work and worked through the pain of the disease because she loved her job. The woman had to force herself to get up every day to do a job she loved. She wasn’t ready to give up a job that she enjoyed.

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