Disability Insurance Cases Nationwide

This claim was a great success for our client as long term disability cases based on Covid are highly scrutinized. In this video long term disability attorney Rachel Alters discusses the facts of this MetLife disability claim and how she was able to assist our client in the approval of his long term disability benefits.Continue Reading Metlife Approves Disability Insurance Benefits for Emergency Room Doctor With Covid Related Limitations

It’s a sad reality that your long term disability insurance benefits can be denied regardless of how long you have been receiving payments. This long term disability benefits denial appeal handled by attorney Cesar Gavidia is an example Hartford long term disability claim that was denied after paying for 15 years.Continue Reading Project Manager Denied Disability Insurance Benefits by Hartford After 15 Years

This claim against Principal is a good example of how we helped an employment lawyer to prevent her long term disability benefits from being denied. Our client contacted us after her disability benefits were approved but she was concerned they would be denied and she was overwhelmed in dealing with The Principal.Continue Reading Principal Financial Approves Long Term Disability Benefits for Employment Litigation Lawyer

Two shoulder surgeries and Mutual of Omaha tells our client that she is no longer disabled. Mutual of Omaha made this decision on reliance of the opinion of a nurse that only reviewed medical records. This Mutual of Omaha long term disability denial is an example of the typical disability denial we see.Continue Reading Medical Device Manager With Shoulder Injury Wins Mutual of Omaha Disability Benefit Appeal

A Senior Project Manager is a complex job that requires attention to detail and the ability to multitask. In this long term disability claim denial handled by attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Greg Dell, Unum ignored the cognitive limitations of our client.Continue Reading Senior Project Manager with Cognitive Limitations Wins Unum Long Term Disability Denial Appeal

Our client was a hospitalist and it was a great victory to get her New York Life long term disability denial reversed. She was disabled by knee and back pain. New York Life paid long term disability benefits for one year and then decided that our client could return to her duties of taking care of patients in the hospital.Continue Reading Hospitalist Disabled by Knee & Back Pain Wins New York Life Disability Appeal

After denying disability insurance benefits to our client, Northwestern Mutual paid long term disability benefits. Watch long term disability attorneys Cesar Gavidia and Gregory Dell discussing how we helped our client with a neck disorder to collect Northwestern disability benefits.Continue Reading Northwestern Mutual Pays Disability Benefits to Ophthalmologist With Neck Disorder

Three disability denials and three successful appeals in 12 months – this case is an example of why you can never let your guard down as a claimant. Hartford looked for every opportunity to deny long term disability benefits to our client.Continue Reading 3 Hartford Disability Denials and 3 Appeals for IT Business Analyst with Cognitive Impairment